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not so common

celebrating the female characters of Sanctuary

Celebrating the female characters of Sanctuary
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Welcome to sanctuary_women! This comm is dedicated to celebrating the female characters of the televison series Sanctuary with graphics, fic, meta, vids, fanart, etc. The focus of this comm is on any of the awesome canon female characters of Sanctuary and consequently all posts to this comm should be about the female characters. (We all love the guys, but this isn't their place to shine). That being said, "shippy" fics (including femslash, het, slash, & threesome/moresome) are fine here as long as the spotlight is on the ladies. For a complete list of what you can post to this comm, here are the general comm rules and the posting rules. Please read them before posting.

This is the place to:

→ squee.
→ post fanworks about any of the canon Sanctuary female characters. Made Sally icons? We'd love to see them. Have fic with Helen & Kate fighting zombies in the Pavor Nocturnus timeline? Brilliant! We can't wait to read it.
→ rec your favorite fics, vids, picspams, etc.
→ celebrate the fantastic women who populate the Sanctuary universe.

We're here to squee and have fun, so please respect other people's opinions and don't bash.

Credit for the idea for this type of comm goes to where_no_woman, a comm for the female characters of Star Trek.